¹ Ǣ: car is backfire when driveing  (ҹ 840 )

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car is backfire when driveing
« : ԧҤ 24, 2017, 02:41:37 PM »
Hi can anybody help me the locate and resolve the backfiring problem When I drive the car. I changed the lifters and smoother out the throttle body and install a new fuel filter and lines. the car ran fins until is missed shift and stalled the car. I then read on one of the forums that the coils could be bad so I changed all of them plus the O2 sensors. and the car idles fine but as i put it into gear it sluggish and backfire. I have change all that I know to except the spark plugs and wires. I'm thinking something maybe wrong with the computer. I don't have any diagnostics equipment. Can anybody help me resolve this problem? Is my engine ready to die?
Please Help.
Thanks !
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